How does Shopify Plus compare to Magento? Who is Shopify Plus ecommerce platform suitable for? Read and find out!


In most situations we’ve seen where people are looking at ecommerce solution Shopify Plus, they have also considered Magento Enterprise. Even though we don’t see these two platforms as direct rivals (Shopify is a SaaS solution while Magento is a self-hosted ecommerce platform) the businesses and business owners see Shopify and Magento as two most popular choices when it comes to enterprise ecommerce solutions.

With the use of third parties, applications, and extensions, there aren’t many things that Shopify Plus can achieve, however, one crucial difference is that it is not as naturally flexible as Magento. There are various things and functions that Shopify Plus has that Magento does not, however, they are less likely to be something that can’t be accomplished to the same or higher level with ecommerce platform Magento (it can be accomplished, but it will cost you more).

The target market for Shopify is divided into two different categories: large brands with simple and small catalogs and mid-level or growing retailers with simple product catalogs and business requirements. We suppose that in near future, Shopify Plus will improve its catalog management and multi-store capabilities to grow suitability for more complex and larger projects.

There is no doubt that these two are very powerful ecommerce platforms with unlimited scalability and flexibility, but we must say that our winner is Shopify Plus. Why?

Simple, because, Shopify Plus is cheaper to use, easier to build, and requires a lot less maintenance and has lots of customizable applications that can help you extend your website. Also, ecommerce solution Shopify can make your customers happy and satisfied which is what merchants care about when running an online store.

Magento Enterprise is still a great choice, especially if you consider building multiple international storefronts. If that is what you need, we recommend you to try Magento and if you are not happy with the choice, migrate to Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus offers great terms and conditions for those who will decide to migrate to the platform.

We hope this article will help you make the right decision from the start! By choosing the right platform, you can achieve the business success you deserve, move forward, accomplish your goals, and build a powerful and recognizable brand!

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